Monday, December 19, 2011

lundi links

image via auroille

Not going to lie, kids. I make it a point to make sure I at LEAST get the Lundi Links post up every week to give you stuff to look at and distract you from what a horribly neglectful blogger I become during the holidays. So, allons-y!

♦ I need this chair for my Blue Lake campfire chair. Absolutely necessary.

♦ I will be very happy to have enough here at VLG to be able to reach into the archives and post older entries during the busy holidays like Sarah does and still have it be relevant and awesome: Fifteen things every woman MUST own.

♦ There's something about badass women in history that catches my interest. And if those women are princesses? Say no more.

♦ My desire for a tiny garden to go with my tiny amount of nature (aka my porch) didn't die with the fall leaves. Which makes this tiny little garden particularly endearing.

Yes. That's all I'm going to say.

♦ I'm not normally big on sweets. I'm more of a demolish-a-cannister-of-Pringles-in-ten-minutes kind of girl. But around Christmas? Get out of here. Cookies all the way. Here, have a hundred of 'em.

♦ I had honestly never seen A Christmas Story until a few years ago when I was engaged and watched it with my fiancĂ©'s family. And ever since then, I've wanted a leg lamp. But I'll settle for a string of 'em.

♦ I will never stop being fascinated by creepy stuff like this.

♦ My goal? To have everything in my kitchen look like cupcakes. I'll start with these salt and pepper shakers.

♦ Y'know, if case the boys don't get it.

♦ Really cool article about how a generous scholarship for bikes raised school enrollment for young women in India.

So loves, did any of you find some interesting reads lately? Or write one yourself that you think the VLG family would like? Send it to me at!


  1. I actually just bought the Hungoevr Cookbook about a week ago!

  2. @Cristina Really? How is it? Deepfried and delicious?

  3. Haha it is pretty good. It is divided into different types of hangovers and has recipes specifically for each one. It isn't as funny as I was hoping but it is useful!