Monday, December 12, 2011

lundi links

Sorry I've been so absent as of lately. December is rarely a good month for me...I get so busy at work with all kinds of overtime, and to be depression tends to get rather rough during the holidays with all of the added stress. So, please accept my apologies and ogle the following linkie links. ^_^

♦ Shanna wrote an article full of tips for staying healthy and balanced during the holidays. I don't know about you, but I could use the help! ^_^

♦ A whole gift guide of nothing but Etsy options? Love!

This skirt is complete and utter perfection in my eyes. Excuse me while I go find one for myself and pretend to be a mermaid EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

♦ These prison inmates have been taught to knit, and spend their time creating "comfort dolls" for children taken from their negligent/abusive parents. Now THAT'S the sort of thing I like having my tax dollars go to.

♦ I just want to keep this foodie survival kit in my purse for emergencies of the culinary sort. Also, storage for future homemade beauty product endeavors? That's just resourceful, you guys.

♦ Joy the Baker combines pickles and breading, because she knows my soul.

♦ Naomi introduced me to the idea of the 15 Friends Project, and while this particular project already has its 15 bloggers spoken for, I'm kind of super tempted to start something like this with a new set? Anyone down? XD

♦ I'm a list person. My family has poked fun at me for it for decades. And by decades, I mean two, because I'm only 26 (I WILL NOT SAY ALMOST 27 GORRAMIT). So, a list of must-read books of this magnitude makes my Virgoesque-yet-not-really-Virgo heart go pitter-patter.

♦ I don't know about ya'll, but by the end of December, my bank account looks pretty small. Like, Lara Flynn Boyle small. So I LOVE sites like this that have tons of frugal, everyday tips.

This will be my gospel in 2012. Goal: To work exclusively from home by the time I'm thirty. :)

Do you have any articles in mind that would be perfect for Lundi Links? Or maybe you even write one, you clever little minx, you? Email me at vivalagenesis at gmail dot com!


  1. Thanks for linking to my holiday tips blog!

  2. Shanna: Not a problem! This is the most stressful time of the year for me, so I imagine others feel the same way. But hey, the fried pickles help. XD

    CC: Thank you, lovie!

  3. Off to check out the Foodie Survival Kit post - it sounds perfect! :)

  4. It satisfies my need for tasty food AND obsessive-compulsive organization. XD