Thursday, July 29, 2010

when you're a professional pirate...

Something you should know about me: I am a pirate.

I don't mean that in many "normal" senses of the word. I don't illegally download music (my mother instilled a very typical-Catholic sense of guilt in me and I'm terrified of being caught), and I'm not just one of those silly internet kids that side with pirates or ninjas based on what type of character is cooler.

What I mean is, I have a closet full of pirate couture, have drafter articles for my pirate ship (The Amazon), and have a crew full of women in corsets who do what I tell them to.

To clear things up, I portray a pirate at many Michigan renaissance faires with a group of re-enactors. Captain HellKat Thomas, at your service.

Here's the thing with real pirates; they weren't very glamorous. Hollywood has trumped them up to a major degree. Most had the outfit on their back that was little more than rags, and very little else.

I am not that kind of pirate. I like glitz and glam and lots of shiny objects and cleavage. When I walk the faire, I want people to know that I am a captain.

And nothing makes me feel like the minxy pirate that I am on the inside like a corset from Damsel In This Dress. Michelle and her husband run this very popular company, and not only do they attend renaissance festivals selling their wares, we're lucky enough to have them on the internet so we poor folk who live hundreds of miles from them can buy the pretties, too!

Look at the pretties!

How amazing is this ensemble? I've been lusting over her pirate coats for years.

Can I just point out how ingenious this design is? It's actually two corsets in one: an underbust to cinch the waist, topped by an empire-waist bodice to bring up the girls. You can wear them together or separately. Also, the empire corset features coattails similar to the pirate coat, only shorter. ADORABLE.

These are seriously some of the most well-made corsets I've come across, with high-quality upholstery fabric (holds up like a brick!), steel spring boning, fiberglass busks in the front panels for GREAT posture-support, plus they lace in the front, making lacing them by yourself easy as pie.

A pic of the corset I purchased from her on her Etsy shop:

Heck yeah, 26-inch-waist! XD


  1. If only we could all be so un self-conscious of our pirate-ness, love.

    Vicki (Your first mate, Rue :) )

  2. heck yes! I'm so honored to have made your corset! You should mention your blog and pimping me out, and I'll totally give you a better price on your next corsets! ;)
    Damsel in this Dress

  3. Vicki, you should never be self-conscious of your pirate-ness. Orlando Bloom wouldn't want you to be. ;)

    Michelle, that's awesome! Thank you for the visit! XD