Monday, August 27, 2012

lundi links

image via ineedchemicalx

Long time, no see, poodles! Sorry for disappearing...moving and getting back into the groove of living in my hometown took longer than I expected. O.o But I'm back, with a plethora of procrastinatory aids to make up for it. ^_^

♦ A lovely post from Gala Darling about how she grew into the sparkly pink blogging maven she is today.

♦ "I promise to make sure I'm not just hungry before I yell at you." Great wedding vows we should hear more often.

♦ BBC created a site that shows you what summer Olympic sport your body type matches. Accurate? Probably not. But it's fun to play with.

♦ Speaking of Olympics, here is my favoritest couple in the world being royally cute at the events.

♦ Swamped by your inbox? Here, have some help.

♦ I used to dye flowers like this all the time, but I never realized your could make them rainbows! RAINBOW ALL THE THINGS.

This. Yes.

MySkins offers comfortable undergarments in TONS of skintones. Lovely!


Medieval lingerie? My inner fashionista and history geeks are all a-flutter.

Nail art taken to a whole new level.

♦ I didn't know that I needed a Walkman flask, but I know now.

♦ Katie shares my love of cafe-alone-time.

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