Monday, December 19, 2011

things i love thursday

image via kaitovip

♥ winter woodchuck cider (not as good as the fall, but the bottle is so pretty!) ♥ tickles from jared even though they make me hyperventilate ♥ rift (DEFIANTS ALL THE WAY) ♥ my mom saving my Christmas with an amazing act of generosity, all because she wants her daughter happy for the holidays. Greatest. Woman. Ever. ♥ my friend andrew's pep talks...whether or not he thinks I listen XD ♥ my sister's new little black kitten phillip (she also has a cat named lillian, so they're phil and lil, like the rugrats! ^_^) ♥ my nephew's inability to say "phillip," therefore calling him "fowup" which sounds a lot like "throw up" ♥ studio m nail polish in covered in diamonds (flakie glitter nail polish for less than five bucks? yup.) ♥ my awesome future brother-in-law getting tickets to bret michaels for myself, my sister, and my mum next week! that man looks gooooood in guyliner ♥ sushi. sushi sushi sushi ♥ our adorable waitress at xo, whom we've never had before but was clearly bored out of her mind and hung out with us and tried to steal matthew's sushi back because he was picking on her ♥ beaucoup de mom and sister bonding time this past weekend ♥ hanging out with my family in the garage, drinking and talking and laughing ♥ watching survivor with my family while ingesting massive amounts of appetizers ♥ big boy breakfast buffet (unlimited biscuits and gravyyyyyyyyy) ♥ watching ghost adventures with my family, snuggled up with my mum in my boyfriend's pajamas and hoodie ♥ roommate purchasing a 4' colorable unicorn for our apartment

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