Thursday, October 6, 2011

things i love thursday

image via alephunky

decorating my planner with nothing but black, white, and pink scrapbook paper (time-consuming, but pretty!) ♥ rum chata ♥ a friend busting out mint condition power rangers action figures (the originals! he had kimberly!) ♥ "i wake up disappointed that you're not in my arms" <3<3<3 ♥ anything written by janet evanovitch ♥ amazing 75 degree weather in october...perfect weather + leaves turning = perfection ♥ jasmine and passion fruit green tea ♥ homemade venison stew with rosemary foccacia bread + panera bread omg i missed you ♥ zoya having a buy-one-get-one sale ♥ finishing one (of three or four!) halloween costumes, you know....more than a week before halloween ♥ randomly getting logo in our cable package ♥ $3 stuffed burger night at stella's (best. fries. ever.) ♥ the rogue's confidence in my ability to salsa despite never seeing me dance and knowing that i've never danced with a partner ♥ "you need to get my money back from the hotel. tell them i know mike tyson." ♥ deciding on my birthday party theme (highway unicorn, mothafocka's!) ♥ mountain dew, despite how horrible it is for me


  1. Gah! The Power Rangers! Sometimes I still bust out my Pink Ranger moves - love her! :)

  2. I was ALWAYS the Pink Ranger at recess! XD