Friday, October 7, 2011

lundi links

image via humon

the menacing beaver. why do some people get gems like this on omegle, and i get...well...sometimes i see a beaver, but it's not the same.

♦ an awesome write-up about a girl, her best friends, and how each of them are beautiful in their own ways. love it.

♦ as someone who is in the tourist industry (and deals with hotels, especially) this reddit thread is hilarious! stories from hotel workers.

this shelving is amazing, and I want an entire wall of it.

ryan freitas made a list of 35 things he's learned in 35 years. I might have to keep this in mind when I turn likey.

hipster superheroes. pbr iron man is my personal favorite.

101 ways to have a great day is full of happiness and rainbows and unicorns. figuritively on those last two.

♦ and then dylan's candy bar combined two of my favorite things, the evil bastards.

♦ while sal and i have very different styles (she always looks adorable, however!), i tend to follow her for her honest and up-front personality. this post shares some of the life behind the blog, and i love it.

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