Thursday, April 21, 2011

things i love thursday no. one

“Emily, did you know they straight-up killed a bear for this coat?” Hard Candy Painted Lady lip color in “Kitten” having a desk chair at work big enough to sit Indian-style in BLT deviled eggs hugs when you expect anger smooth, multi-colored pens to use in my pretty new leather planner being told by an Italian speaker that my very limited Italian sounds very good “Are you from the States? You look very European; very fashionable.” impulse buying the entire series of Will & Grace (they were buy one get one free at FYE!) Lego Batman video game three grown men playing video games in separate rooms of the house while screaming to each other what to do PINK DRANK Sinful Colors nail polish…only $1.99 a bottle and some AMAZING colors! Currently wearing a teal matte; so fun! ANTM marathons with Matthew until I have to go to work, upon which time he continues to text me what’s going on in the episodes I’m missing Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake portraying the BeeGees on SNL Tommy’s Irish Frenchman impression Looking at pictures of Japanese candy and French pastries…all of the cute and none of the calories! passion fruit rum Archer. Good God, do I love this show… Dual-chambered Slurpee cups and straws that will soon be at 7/11’s everywhere Judas, Jud-ah-as! Lady Gaga’s GagaVision no. 41, in which she confronts one of her fundamentalist protestors in a completely polite, respectful manner even though he shows her nothing but contempt and nastiness. Do it, girl!

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