Saturday, January 8, 2011

pizza pizza

My dear friend Sara and I had our own little personal holiday get-together this past Thursday, since we were so busy over the actual holidays. Sara is a big time foodie, and we tend to make delicious treats together. This night was no exception.

Sara is a much healthier eater than I am. She eats tons of veggies, so our meals are always on the greener side and often vegetarian, like tonight's tasty veggie pizza.

Whole-wheat crust, marinara sauce, zucchini, button mushrooms, spinach, carrots, fresh basil, and some herbed goat cheese.

Covered in sliced, not shredded, mozzarella cheese.

And baked to crispy, melty perfection.

And paired with fresh cukes, carrots, and celery with a tasty cool cucumber dip.

Also, paired with renaissance-themed chick flicks. All in all, a wonderful night. :)


  1. Ohmigosh that pizza looks amazing. This coming from someone who doesn't even eat pizza usually. :P

  2. It was! And I'm not usually a big veggie eater. ^_^

  3. It really was. And that's coming from a major meat-eater. XD