Thursday, April 12, 2012

things i love thursday

image via c-victoria

Remember how Things I Love Thursday was supposed to happen every Thursday?

The last one here on VLG was in January.


♥ the food at family get-togethers, omg 4000 calories GET IN MY MOUTH ♥ my rogue hair XD ♥ an easter basket from my roommate full of woodchuck cider and a comic book ♥ my cat leaving a mouse in my roommate's toilet and roommate's subsequent reaction ♥ c2e2 tomorrow!!! ♥ going back to school to become a paralegal (real career? you don't say!) ♥ new pens ♥ impromptu wig parties ♥ zak bagans ♥ plastic tiaras ♥ my cheesy biscuits being a TOTAL success at easter dinner ♥ my transgender cousin having a "boob voyage" party to celebrate his breast removal surgery (so sad i can't attend, but i'll be playing with fanboys in chicago) ♥ dance parties with my sister (videos coming soon!) ♥ this sneak peek at lime crime's upcoming palette! i liked the chinadoll one, but this one takes the cake! pun entirely intended ♥ lewd prank calls at work that are less offensive and more giggle-/blush-inducing ♥ having my rogue costume finally coming together ♥ my polyester blend gloves taking the fabric dye like a champ ♥ my mommy ♥ jared ♥ andrew ♥ waking up next to a snuggly, purring kitty

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  1. Lovely post, darling!

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