Monday, April 2, 2012

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Happy Monday! They exist, I promise! While I don't like going back to work after a weekend, Mondays are my favorite day of the week because all of my friends come over for boneless wings, cheap wine, and RuPaul's Drag Race! Serving up some lazy night realness!

♦ I can't remember the last time I received flowers (ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES), but I know my parents have a cupboard full of old vases. Apartment Therapy has made a list of ways to use those vases for something other than...well...being vases.

♦ The Swatchaholic is having a HUGE makeup sale. BUY ALL THE THINGS.

♦ There's nothing worse than the shock you experience when you went to the male to buy ONE THING and pretty much the entire mall. Here's a way to keep costs down and avoid traps while shopping.

♦ More gold from Apartment Therapy (hands down my favorite interior decorating blog): how to de-stress your bedroom. I need to do this once I'm in my new apartment...I'll be living on my own (for the first time ever!) so I'll be able to keep my office and bedroom separate.

Geekery-based kitchen stuff makes me happy.

♦ I don't know how well this would work, but I'm pretty sure I need this citrus spritzer.

♦ I sometimes worry that my personal style is a bit too "young" or "funky" for a woman in her late twenties. But this article by Sal about age and fashion makes me just think "BRING ON THE SEQUINS, GODDAMMIT."

♦ Oh. Oh, this. Do want.

♦ For those who are looking to spice up their résumés but don't have much (or any!) experience with design, Loft Résumés will take your existing résumé and spruce it up with any of their pre-made templates. Lovely!

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