Tuesday, February 7, 2012

late lundi links XD

image via senju-hime

I may be one of the worst procrastinators ever. I literally had all of these links sitting in my inbox for myself to put up yesterday...you know, Monday? Lundi?

All I had to do was copy-pasta them into a blog entry, pretty it up with a picture (PS, I'm oddly in love with the above one despite not being an orange fan...the color OR the fruit), and post.

Aaaaaaand I didn't. Fail, Emerie. Fail.


"She doesn't answer the phone." A super-cute letter from famed author E.B. White to the ASPCA in regards to his "unlicensed dog."

♦ The more I see products like Glossybox, the more I want to spend money on things like Glossybox. Pretty presents on my doorstop monthly? Yes, please.

Tips for cleaning your keyboard, which is something I also procrastinate on. The list is long, people.

♦ I feel like I've probably posted this somewhere around here before, but that's mostly because it's basically my dream cake.

♦ Pfizer made a recall on a BUNCH of birth control pills. Make sure yours is okay!

Your Body, Your Friend. Another beautiful piece by Sally.

Organizing tips from the pros. I heart organization. You would never guess that based on my house.

♦ Have I told you how much I adore macarons? So much that I want every single one of these.

Chocolate liqueur in a chocolate-covered strawberry. Well, that's one way to get me to eat fruit.

♦ A couple gems from Marc and Angel Hack Life: 12 Steps To Making A Dream A Reality and 20 Things Life Is Too Short To Tolerate. Here, here!

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