Friday, February 3, 2012


So, I recently won a fabulous giveaway on La Quaintrelle for a $40 gift certificate towards the amazing inPink jewelry store! I went online and picked out two FABULOUS rings, and I found them waiting on my doorstep this morning! SQUEE!

First though, check out the adorable packaging!

Is that not adorable and perfect? And the shipping box was filled up with paper, so no jostling of the inner, prettier box and the precious insides! Kudos to you for that, inPink!

And, of course, the new bling:


On the left is the is the Silver Tone Zebra Rectangle Stretch Ring, which is available for $18. Check out the link for it for a detail of the sides (I forgot to take a shot), because the filigree detail is GORGEOUS.

And on the right, the Gold Tone Turtle Ring With Rhinestones, an even better steal at $16. I'm obsessed with animal rings, and was shocked to realize I didn't have a turtle one, despite having an actual turtle as a pet! O.o

I will definitely be keeping inPink in mind for my jewelry needs. You should, too! They have TONS of styles available.

And, me everything you buy. XD

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