Monday, November 21, 2011

lundi links

image via lunarlight101

So, our system was down for about an hour at the office this morning, get a lot of links due to my boredom. XD YAY!

♦ Illamasqua, a kick-ass makeup line in its own right, has teamed up with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to create a small collection of products, the proceeds of which go to the foundation in honor of Sophie, who was brutally murdered because she was different. Not a makeup person and still want to donate? You can do that on the Illamasqua site, too. ^_^

The Support Her Manifesto sums up my view of feminism (or humanism with a feminine theme at the moment) quite nicely. I believe that the key to women being happy and successful is not to come out on top of the men, but to learn to love each other and not let jealousy and pettiness get us down. LOVE.

The Rules of Ladies kind of follows the same line: a Tumblr full of motivational quotes and rules filled with love, strength, and go-get-'em-ness for the ladays. I'm in the process of filling my new Moleskine planner with a quote from this site for each week of the year.

♦ Some illustrations for Alice in Wonderland done by the king of surrealism, Salvador Dali. VERY interesting.

Aneroxia, Recovery, And Walking Without Crutches is a brave piece from a former eating disorder sufferer about the journey to health. Interesting AND inspiring.

♦ My body is my temple. Cliché, but oh so true. So why so much body hate? In My Body Propels Me, Julia writes about the beautiful wonder that is her body, and why she loves it for all that it does for her.

♦ Sloooooowly (and by that, I mean rapidly) becoming obsessed with Daphne Guinness. I love women with such unique, edgy style. And skunk hair. XD

♦ Need a good dose of positivity? Try 1000 Awesome Things and People Are Awesome.

♦ My favorite food blogger, Joy, is starting an awesome gift subscription service. For only $25, you (or a friend) will receive an awesome present on your doorstep every month for three months! And who doesn't love opening the front door to a package in their name?

Polyvore sets inspired by Disney characters? Um, yes, please.

♦ While my wardrobe tends to lean more towards the provocative side (it took me a long time to get these boobs, and I ain't hiding 'em!), this site caters specifically to Mormon and more conservative fashionistas. Style does not mean scandalous, after all. I just personally like it that way. BUT. Cute clothes here, nonetheless.


  1. Thank you for linking to the Support Her Manifesto - spread the girl love! xx

  2. Not a problem at all! Inspires to make my own personal manifesto! ^_^