Thursday, October 20, 2011

things i love thursday

image via xdaskax

♥ jumping in a pile of leaves with my nephew. seriously, look at this kid:

♥ having a full closet after doing laundry...FINALLY ♥ pizza buffets with my family ♥ friendly football rivalries with the guy ♥ steampunk zombie rpg? yes, please ♥ laura's birthday party ♥ epic phantom of the opera duets ♥ sinful colors nail polish...only two bucks and some of THE best glitters EVER ♥ the no h8 movement ♥ jersey shore (I KNOW SO BAD) ♥ 30 rock and everything tina fey and alec baldwin ♥ makeover nights with my sister ♥ the sims social on facebook, because another time-waster is exactly what I need ♥ tipsy laura ♥ zachary quinto coming out of the closet...I might mourn the lost goal of someday sleeping with him, but kudos to being true to himself! ♥ somehow pissing off pro-lifers despite being pro-life simply for stating a hypothetical question...silliness ♥ "no, ben, we cannot become juggalos." ♥ winning a free mac lipstick from my knowledge of the fresh prince of bel air opening sequence



So, kidlets, what's on your love list this week?

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