Monday, October 17, 2011

stupidity intolerance

image via lorrainemd

I'm usually a very tolerant person. I'm really laid-back and chill, and rarely let things get to me too much. I try to be friendly and patient.

But some days, some days, I cannot handle stupid.

I just can't, you guys. Especially when I spend twenty minutes on the phone with a customer explaining to her that $500 total and $125 per night for four nights is the exact same thing.

Yes, this happened. Math is hard.

I wish that my acting chops were more developed so that I could pretend that this kind of thing doesn't bother me so much, but COME ON YOU GUYS. I shouldn't have to explain simple math to a grown-ass woman, I just shouldn't.

This is just one of those days where I need to be kept at home with massive amounts of 30 Rock, white zinfandel, and a good-looking guy who is smart enough to just snuggle with me until I fume myself to sleep.

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