Thursday, October 13, 2011

things i love thursday

image via my awesome phone camera ^_^

mpromptu pizza parties at work (pizza hut supreme pizza nom nom nom) ♥ the rogue ♥ the tudors ♥ discussions with my mom regarding cougars (fun fact, my mom admires them XD) ♥ impromptu dance offs with drag queens ♥ gps on my phone because my navigational skills are slim to none ♥ getting the rogue to watch an episode of mlp ("but it's to be continued!" "it can stay continued.") ♥ dates involving the muppet show ♥ bacon the morning after <3 ♥ my sister's lie detector ability ♥ days off ♥ daniel tosh ♥ twitter (now that I actually use it regularly and know what I'm doing!)

"Pirates are basically guys running around in tight pants and open shirts, looking for jewelry. Um, I think I can handle that." -- Carson Kressley

being scolded by a homeless guy because my skirt was too short ♥ bogus bomb threats that give me a paid hour-long break ♥ moleskines ♥ all of the LGBT friends in my life that show me what bravery and love is really about

and this video: