Sunday, October 16, 2011

lundi links

image via hiyoko-chan

LINKS. GET IT??? Punny.

♦ Okay, normally these kind of earrings make me go "meh," but a unicorn leaping through my earlobe? Yes, I'll take it.

♦ Sal of Already Pretty wrote a great article regarding friends and body image. Do you have friends who talk about their flaws in an attempt to point out yours? Are you that friend? Cut it out, girls, and realize that every single one of you is beautiful.

♦ Apartment Therapy (LOVE LOVE LOVE) put up an article on organization, which has great baby steps for those who look at budgeting time and space and find themselves overwhelmed just thinking about it.

♦ My dear friend Cristina sent me this link on how to make your own glitter booties. I am currently scouring sales racks and thrift shops for the perfect cute-yet-not-quite-perfect boots to pull a Ke$ha on.

♦ Shoes + Geekery is pretty much a showstopper for me. Check out these Mario Bros. and Star Wars inspired heels! WANT.

♦ Healthy Is The New Skinny is a GREAT movement created by Katie Halchischick, who in an O first appears completely nude in all of her gorgeous glory, wearing nothing but the marks a plastic surgery would use to make her "Barbie perfect." It's an amazing shot, and hopefully one that speaks to women everywhere. Skinny does not equal beautiful. Healthy, however, does.

♦ DeviantArt artist AlexandraDal created this cartoon illustrating the frustration of makeup-wearing women everywhere. It made me giggle, because whenever I go makeup-less, I often get asked if I'm sick, too. *sigh*

Princess Bride Cast Reunion Photo. That is all.

♦ Also, sprinkled donut garnish. Yes. Yes in every way.

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