Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(late!) lundi links

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I am just so very bad at sticking to a schedule with this bloody blog. To apologize for my persistent flakiness, I present to you not only the most perfect glittery bubble and sparkliness above, but a super-huge link list for your enjoyment and procrastinatory (NEW WORD!) needs!

♦ When my obsession with nail polish and my nostalgic lurve of Ninja Turtles come together, it's beautiful.

♦ So, I've recently noticed that I repost a lot of Sally's articles. Pretty sure you should just follow her blog, because she's stylish, smart, and has great body image articles. Need more convincing? Here are some of her recent articles on thrifting, fancy schmanciness, and a post featuring what has inspired my new dire need for a bright yellow blazer.

♦ Here's a great article regarding body image and fashion/makeup. This kind of sums up my thoughts on the matter quite well; you can be completely in love with your body and appearance while still enjoying the frillier parts of being a woman.

♦ Here's a list of the best times to go shopping, whether you love it or hate it. Keep it stress-free and wallet-friendly!

♦ I need to make a poster of this infographic to help me kick my horrible pop addiction.

♦ I feel like I've posted this before, but the fact that I'm not sure only reiterates that I need to post it again.

"It's not an audition, it's a performance." This article really hit home with me. I need to live life like that.

Everygirl has launched, and will be my new guideline to life.

♦ Oh, the nineties. You were somethin'.

This will either make you feel huge, or insignificant. Either way, it's super cool and geeky. ^_^

♦ This blogger has all kinds of super-cute hairstyle tutorials. Me gusta.

♦ Sarah is another blogger I find myself reposting a lot. I feel like she gets me, and my need to feel like a spoiled rich kind on a broke post-college kid's budget.

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