Thursday, January 19, 2012

things i love thursday

image via inkariart

♥ knowing that my little sister still needs her big sister sometimes ♥ dance central parties with matthew, laura, and ali (i'm pretty much the reigning champ at the glitter way!) ♥ pinterest, despite being horribly, horribly addicted to it ♥ glitter ♥ our fancy new crystal wine more drinking wine out of a rocks glass for me! ♥ all the new kitchen stuff i got for christmas finally getting some use ♥ organization...i dream of an entire house that's color coded ♥ cute waiters at the bar sneakily getting your name when you show him your detroit pistons credit card, and immediately adding you on facebook XD ♥ the new looney tunes series, while chatting with andrew who is also watching it. "you're lola." ♥ cartoon network ♥ majah's cooking ♥ aaden's vocabulary...i'm constantly amazing with how much i can hold a conversation with him! smart little booger ♥ cherry, our sushi waitress ♥ flirting with cute bartenders ♥ singing an italian aria in public for the first time and having a very positive reaction to it ♥ seeing such strong support in the protest against sopa...way to exercise your rights, america!!! ♥ cuddling ♥ nivea lip care ♥ my plastic tumbler that makes drinking enough water way easier ♥ YOU! ♥


  1. You had me at glitter - seriously...I LOVE! :)

  2. Than you would ADORE my house. It's even called The Glitter Way! <3

  3. Hahah! Love the "organization...dream of entire color coded house"

    Minted Magazine

  4. Wonderful post, darling!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)