Monday, December 26, 2011

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Seven debunked fitness myths. Some of these I knew, but I was unaware of how bad running can be for women if they aren't already in shape. Granted, I'm on doctor's orders not to run (oh, poor me!), but still...

♦ "Hey, wanna learn how to add glitter to yet another part of your home?" Why yes, yes I do.

♦ While I first didn't bother with this because I assumed it was Madonna-owned (and I really dislike that woman), I'm glad I clicked through, because the Madonna Inn is pretty rad.

♦ Will these seven questions help you figure out the meaning of your life? Maybe not. But they still will get you thinking about what you're doing with yourself and what you COULD be doing with yourself.

Unicorn name generator. My is Lily Celestial Filly. Silly? Yes. But it's also awesome. Because unicorns.

♦ Got an awkardly-shaped apartment and aren't sure how to go about setting it up? Apartment Therapy has you covered.

♦ I love wine. I drink it out of a Captain Morgan-themed rocks glass because we don't have wine glasses. Jo will teach you how to be classier than me.

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