Monday, November 7, 2011

lundi links

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♦ gala darling is a treasure trove when it comes to living a fulfilling, happy life, and her article on how to get calm in a world full of crazy is no exception!

♦ body image is pretty much a constant favorite when it comes to blog topics, and this article on one of my favorite singers, kelly clarkson, really shows how it can be a double-edge blade.

♦ lady gaga, the mother of the equal rights pop movement, has created the born this way foundation to spread the word on equality, tolerance, and love. i love gaga more and more every day.

♦ i wholeheartedly believe that if everyone everywhere just sat down for a minute and ate a donut-hat-wearing cupcake, the world would be a better place.

♦ conan o'brien, funnyman and red-haired god, officiated the marriage of his costume designer and his partner on live television. didn't need to impress me more, because i'm already all for having your pale, lanky babies, but kudos.

fifty breakfasts from around the world. you are now ravenous. go eat some bacon.

gamer alignment. for the record, i'm chaotic good.

♦ this is ridiculously accurate.

PS, live by this:

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