Thursday, October 27, 2011

things i love thursday

image via berkozturk

♥ badass mario bros. t-shirt on clearance for five bucks ♥ my boss pointing out that the shirt isn't very professional, then laughing when I told him not to be threatened by my awesome ♥ owning EVERY SINGLE wet n wild eyeshadow trio palette because i have a problem ♥ new planners ♥ the day zero project ♥ the big smile you get from people you do something nice for ♥ friendly fast food joint service (sad that it's so rare that it stands out when it happens!) ♥ garage parties with my parents ♥ watching pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides with my sister captain and her crew with plenty of rum and tasty tortellini ♥ my kitty's inability to cope without another cat in the house, and how many snuggles it gets me that i don't usually get XD ♥ "bridesmaids"...omg, that movie is HILARIOUS. so many awesome ideas for my sister's that i'm the official coordinator ;) ♥

"I don't drink these days. I'm allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs."
-- Robert Downey Jr.

♥ finding not one, but TWO uses for the stewed tomatoes that have been in our pantry forever ♥ getting hit on over the phone by arabic prank callers: "you pretty, honey, what you number?" ♥ spending an entire sunday with my mom and sister, having lunch, having drinks on the porch on the most beautiful autumn day i've ever seen ♥ "omg, it's already two, you guys." "good, we'll be drunk by six." ♥

image via very demotivational

How 'bout it, loves? What made YOU happy this week?


  1. Apple cider donuts, first snow, Skype with boyfriend, hugs from family, road trips and photography!

    how did you come up with name for your blog?

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven't had apple cider donuts in forever! I might have to rectify that, like...tomorrow. Immediately.

    It's a funny story, actually. I had a group of friends in high school, and I created this series of stories based on us, using different names. Mine was Genesis Wolfe. Eventually, those friendships changed (like they often do), and the character of Genesis did as well; I started writing her into independent stories as well, and she kind of became...and idealized version of me, the type of woman I want to be like. I ended up finding my own creation inspirational, so Viva La Genesis translates (very horribly and roughly because I never took Spanish) to Long Live Genesis. ^_^

    PS, thanks for reading! :)