Sunday, October 2, 2011

soundtrack of the week

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This is a big one, because, you's been much more than a week since the last one. More like...months. So ON TO THE MUSIC OF MY LIFE.

This song played about eight times a day when I was still waiting tables. I learned all of the new music working at that place, because I rarely ever listen to the radio. XD

Miley Cyrus-esque? Yes. But this song came out when I was dealing know. A guy. ;)


*dances like a spaz*

I love this song, but I think I might love the video even more. Gorgeous dancing.

Okay, I confess. I like it for her hair. Sue me. No, don't. I don't have money.

XD XD XD There was another video for this that I REALLY wanted to post, but it is not at friendly. But I still want you to see it, so go look up this song on Youtube. You'll know the one by the manpanties. XD

Because sometimes, you've got to be a vain bitch.

OMG new favorite video. EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLIN'.

Love. Love love love. Also, Mermaid!Gaga.

I love me some Nicki Minaj.

Way. Too. Fitting.

Love. Such a beautiful song.

Another one that resonates with me lately. *sigh*

So, kidlets, what's your soundtrack this week?

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